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A forecasted 7 million units will be sold this year

The Apple iPad is the latest release in the world of mobile technology. With our successful track record in iPhone application development, MobileAppAmerica are perfectly suited to creating outstanding software for this outstanding platform.

We've already shown that we can design and develop engaging iPhone applications and games - the new iPad features allow us to move to the next step and go one better.

We already understand the App Store, we already know how to reach the most users and maximise your business's potential. Combine this with our creative ideas and constant strive for perfection and you have the ideal candidate for developing your iPad application.

With all projects, MobileAppAmerica will use our experience to guide you through the full process while also allowing you to have maximum input in your personalised application.

Why iPad Apps?

-Bridging the gap between smartphones and computers.
-Approximately 1 million devices sold to date since it's release in April.
-Rapidly growing market with thousands of potential customers.
-Approximately 7 million units forecast for sale in 2010 with 15 million predicted to sell in 2011.

Who benefits?

Similar to the iPhone, the iPad can benefit pretty much any business or service. Weather forecasting, email, travel and itinerary planning, music, video playback - the potential list is endless.

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