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A forecasted value of $17.5 billion by 2012

At MobileAppAmerica, we have experience in the development of both games and general apps for the iPhone. Why not put our expertise to work for your business?

We have developed a considerable number of successful iPhone apps and mobile sites and have a team of developers working consistently to produce and perfect excellent applications. Our goal is to help you achieve yours.

We work with our clients right from the start - we want you to be as involved as possible in the development process. This isn't just something people can download from the AppStore - this is you, your business and your livelihood. We want to make your app special, unique and a true reflection of just how good your business is.

Our developers are experts in the field and will research and analyse as much information as required until we are happy that we are doing the best we possibly can.

An app developed by MobileAppAmerica will reflect our expertise, experience, dedication to greatness and above all, it will enable your business to be seen and heard by millions of users.

Why iPhone Apps?

-35 million iPhones sold to date
-Almost 100,000 app downloads per day
-Effective access to a rapidly growing audience

Who benefits?

Pretty much any business can benefit from having their own iPhone app; travel, recruitment, entertainment, restaurant reservations, gaming - you name it, we can create an excellent app for it.

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